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        Advantages of LED lights

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        The first point: energy saving and environmental protection
        The working principle of LED lamps and incandescent lamps is different. Incandescent lamps use heat to emit light. Friends who have used incandescent lamps know that it is very hot to touch incandescent lamps after they have been turned on for a long time, and most of the electricity is wasted. Dropped and not fully utilized. The principle of LED lighting is to directly convert electrical energy into light energy. If two lamps use the same power, the lighting time of LED lamps will be much longer than that of incandescent lamps. After the popularization of LED lights in our country, the electricity used for one year has saved the electricity generated by the six Three Gorges power stations, which meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection in China.
        Second point: longer life
        The traditional incandescent lamp is very easy to break. Under normal circumstances, it can only be used for one thousand to two thousand hours. If the lamp is always turned on and off, the impact on the life of the incandescent lamp is also very large, and the instantaneous current may be Will cause the tungsten filament in the incandescent lamp to burn out. After the LED lights entered the home, they were praised by many families, because their service life can reach up to 50,000 hours. Although LED lights are more expensive, but from this point, it is still very worthwhile.
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