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        Park night lighting design engineering solution

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        With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pace of urbanization and urbanization is getting faster and faster, the general promotion of garden greening cities and lighting projects, and the landscape industry as a symbol of modern urban civilization The night lighting of the park, an important part of the landscape, has played an important role in beautifying the open and closed parks and has been widely favored by people.
              Parks and squares are lined with trees and green grass, which are important places for residents to relax, entertain and keep fit. So, what needs to be paid attention to when lighting and lighting projects design green spaces and trees in parks and squares? How to use the art of lights and light to create the perfect landscape lighting is worthy of every designer's deep thinking.
        I. The night lighting design of the park should meet the following requirements:
         1. According to the park's function type, surrounding landscape environment, theme style and use of night lighting fixtures, determine the park's illumination level and choose a suitable lighting design method;
         2. The influence of spilled light on passersby, surrounding environment and garden ecology should be avoided;
        2. The lighting design of trees in the park should meet the following lighting requirements:
         1. The lighting of trees should carefully select the appropriate illumination method and the location of the lighting fixtures; try to avoid too long a period of time and the installation of lighting fixtures to have corresponding effects on the growth of animals and plants; do not deal with precious names such as ancient trees Wood for close range lighting;
         2. When performing lighting, it is necessary to consider the leaf shape and characteristics and color of deciduous trees, the influence of evergreen trees and seasonal changes on the lighting of trees, determine the illuminance level of trees and select the color table of lighting sources;
         3. Try to avoid glare at the viewing angle of passersby or light pollution to the environment.
         3. The lighting design of flower beds and green spaces in the park should meet the following requirements:
         1. The flower bed should adopt a top-down lighting design to highlight the flower itself;
         2. Lighting fixtures should be considered as elements of the landscape, and it should be avoided to affect the viewability of the landscape due to the setting of the lighting fixtures;
         3. The lighting of the lawn should consider the impact on the activities of people in the park. The light should be radiated from the top to the bottom, and the light pollution to the environment and people should be avoided;
         4. The minimum illuminance of ornamental green space lighting in the park should not be lower than 2lx;
         5. Try to avoid the effect of spilled light on the viewing of the landscape or the surrounding environment.
        4. The design of park waterscape lighting should meet the following requirements:
          1. The lighting source, lamp and its electrical accessories must meet the protection and safety requirements for use in water specified in Appendix C of this code, and shall be easy to maintain and manage;
          2. Waterscape lighting fixtures should be concealed in accordance with landscape requirements, and the appearance effect of protective measures should be taken into account when there is no water and when freezing in winter;
          3. The illumination of fountain lighting should take into account the ambient brightness and the shape and height of the water spray;
          4. Functional lighting needs to be set around the waterscape to prevent accidental falling into the water;
          5. According to the shape of the waterscape and the reflection effect of the water surface, choose a suitable lighting method.
                In general, parks and squares are important places for people to live and relax. The landscape lighting of green spaces and trees should be people-oriented, and glare and light pollution to the environment should be avoided in the viewing angle of people, creating a nightlife enhancement Warm and bright atmosphere.

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